A location-based, cloud service, designed and developed to archive, share and ensure the continuity of property documentation 

Have immediate, 24/7, all year round access to documentation via desktop and smart devices 

Internet-based and easy to use

  • Own or manage multiple properties?


  • Been faced with expired health, safety and other certificates of compliance?


  • Suffered damages as a result of expired licences?

  • Not sure when these expire or where to find them in the office?


  • Do we even have approved building plans?


  • Concerned about the completeness of your property records in view of insurance claims?


  • The general lack of up to date property records (plans, compliance certifictates, etc) placing strain on tenant, managment and landlord relations?

  • Would you like to resolve this, improve customer relations, reduce risk and add value to your tenants, clients and shareholders?


  • Yes? But it should not involve overly complex managment software! We just need to make a start and build over time.

Try business with Property sYnc! Developed by built-environment professionals, it is easy to use, runs in the cloud, and is scalable and continously refined as the needs of our clients develop.

Business without Property-sYnc
  • Scetchy hard-copy records - missing, incomplete and out-dated documents on file of land and/or buildings – e.g. site and building plans, certificates and licences, zoning and ownership information, specialists reports, contact information, etc.


  • Loss of information due to change in mangement agent, business closure of professional service providers, lack of administrative prudence at public entities - e.g. City Council and the Deeds Office.


  • Long retrieval time of archived documents results in day-today management difficulties and operational delays.


  • Costly delays - incomplete records result in costly delays when selling a property and having to provide proof of compliancy, or the validity of a licence.


  • Little early warning - hard copy records are ineffective in notifying an organisation of the expirey of certificates and licences. 


  • Lack of guidance - admnistrative staff may not be aware of the full set of documents that should be on fiel.


  • Scrambling to meet legal obligations - JSE requirments require listed companies and asset managers that carry out property related transactions and/or management activities to keep and provide property specific information. For example – geographic location, purchase date and value of transaction (title deed), valuation report, zoning and conditions of establishment, building plans, certificates of occupancy, etc.


  • Lack of corporate governance and risk management in respect of property records. 


Why Choose Us?


Easy Deployment, 3rd Party Integration and Custom Branding

Trusted and Secure


  • Property-sYnch offers several pricing options appropriate to user needs to reduce reliance on public-sector record keeping

  • Reduce your reliance on public-sector record keeping




  • With Property-sYnch, there’s nothing to install, no hardware to maintain, software updates to track or DM setups to worry about. The only requirement is an Internet connection and an up to date Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer 8 or above, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari V.7 or above). Enterprise package users can tailor their users’ on-boarding experience by displaying a customized branded image when logging on. 

  • Integration with 3rd party software – e.g. residential estate community portals.



  • As an external platform to an organisation, Property-sYnc does not require third party access to a client’s intra-net.

  • A secure data centre  with virtual server back-up is used. All data is backed-up with a 99.9% uptime.




  • Property-sYnch features a custom document library environment, which facilitates and guides the uploading, managing and sharing of documents typically associated with private and commercial property. Both technical and non-technical support staff can thus assist in keeping property records up to date and complete.

  • Technical Professionals or management agents can be instructed to locate and upload their respective documents during or post the completion of a property development project.

  • Document libraries can be extended and customised according to specific client needs.



  • Property-sYnc’s document libraries offer users a template environment within which to upload and secure property documents that are typically associated with a new development or existing property.

  • Automatic date stamping of all documents loaded ensures document management and version control.

  • Add comments when uploading or viewing a specific document.



  • Property-sYnch is smart. It allows users to set notifications on documents, approvals and licenses that expire.

  • It also allows users to be notified of any changes to the status of stored information via email notification.

  • Document can be shared directly with third parties without having to provide permanent access to a property’s document library.



  • Property-sYnch allows the owner of a property to assign user privileges in respect of the viewing, uploading, downloading, sharing and deleting of electronic files.



  • Property-sYnch geo-references each property file created. This not only allows users to access their files via a map interface, but also provides a visual context off-site, on-site, and in meetings.


Sectors & Industries

Commercial Property

for landlords, fund managers and management agents, tenants, property developers and property professionals

Private Property

for all owners of private residential properties

Transitory Property

for owners and operators of temporary work sites


Propert sYnc can create unique property libraries for any movable or semi-movable assets requiring document records


  • Billing takes place per property with no hidden end-user costs.

  • Price is based on the number of registered properties and selected user functionalities.

  • Per property billing allowes clients to defer subscription costs to individual properties or total fund expences for budgeting purposes.


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